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Your Customers Are Constantly On The Move – Can You Keep Up With Them?

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By now, we all know the importance of mobile-friendly websites. Each year mobile friendly interactions with customers become more and more important, as the majority of people now choose to browse the internet and receive information such as email on the go.
Buying decisions can literally happen anywhere today and businesses who have not adapted to work in this mobile environment are in danger of being left behind.
(Hopefully!) everyone has ensured that their websites are up to date and working perfectly on smartphones by now. However, if your site is still a bit clunky on the small screen, try to update it as soon as possible to avoid losing customers. If you aren’t sure if our site is up to scratch, use Google’s Mobile Friendly Test to see how your site is performing.
Though this is important, I wanted to talk more about the new opportunities that have opened up to businesses because of the new, more mobile way that people are interacting with brands and making buying decisions.
The main benefit to businesses is of course, that you no longer need to hope and wait that your potential customers will see the ad that you have paid to display somewhere. You can reach out to them wherever they are, when they need you and make their experience of dealing with you much more authentic.

So, a few tips that could help your business make the most of mobile:


1. Make use of ‘micro search moments’:

Imagine you’re standing in your kitchen and you want to cook something you’ve just dreamed up on the spot. But the only problem is, you don’t know how long you should be cooking a certain ingredient (let’s say ‘chicken’) or at what temperature.
So you hop on your phone and type something like ‘how long to cook a chicken for’. Up pops a snippet from a recipe on a website that gives you the exact bit of information you want. You’ve just created a ‘micro-search’ moment. People are so used to receiving information instantaneously when they need it, that we don’t even think twice about asking the internet for help when we don’t immediately know the answer to something.
The upshot of this is of course that the way we receive information has also become much more segmented and ‘on demand’.
As businesses, we can help our clients find the answers to their questions by trying to pre-empt what their particular ‘micro-search’ moments will be.
If you can create some content that answers their questions or direct them to a product that can, you’re much more likely to win them over.

2. QR codes:

These are also not anything new, but they can have a positive impact on your business if you use them in the right way.
With these, it’s mostly about making the sales process easier for your customer. If you can use QR codes to make it easier for people to partake in a promotion you are running, to contact you or to make enquiries, the sales process is made simpler for the customer.
They are much less likely to get frustrated and ‘abandon their cart’ so to speak.

3. Live chat

This one links back to the above point as you are helping to make the process easier for your customers. But it also allows you to make the contact that you have with your customer more personalised.
This is a particularly good function for people in service-based businesses to have, as it allows your potential clients to ask you questions they might want answered, immediately.
Providing these answers quickly builds trust between you and your potential client, before they have even made an official enquiry with you.
We’re really excited about the changes that are happening in the marketing world this year and would love the chance to talk to you about how your business could be taking advantage of them.
If you want to have a chat about how we can help, email us at to arrange a time and date that suits.

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