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Facebook Is Changing. Find Out What It Means For Your Business

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As you’ve probably heard by now, Facebook announced that they’ll be making some pretty big changes in the way that they view and distribute publisher and business content.
So we thought we’d just give you a heads up about what exactly the changes mean and what actions you should be taking to ensure your business and your customers are still getting the most out of Facebook.

Let’s kick off with what the changes actually are and why they are being made.

In January, Mark Zuckerberg announced the changes, saying that he wants to refocus Facebook back onto what it was created to do in the first place – connecting us to our friends and family.
He is concerned that Facebook has moved away from this and given brands and publishers too big a share of the spotlight. He feels that’s changed how people use and engage with Facebook.
I think we can all agree that he has a point! To change this, he’s announced that over the next few months, Facebook’s algorithm will start demoting business and publisher posts in favour for status updates and posts from our friends and family.
While this may sound bad for businesses, it doesn’t need to be. Not if you are producing content that your followers are finding valuable.

But what do we mean by ‘valuable’? How does Facebook measure that?

In Facebook world, the way they measure how ‘relevant’ or ‘good’ content is in the only way they can – by looking at how people are interacting with it. People sharing your post is considered the best indicator of this, followed by them leaving long comments and then finally people liking a post.
What this means for you, is you have to really start considering the quality of your posts, engage with your customers and encourage engagement from them.
Consider, ‘is this interesting enough for my followers to want to share it, talk about it and like it’?
The balance of power is shifting into the hands of your customers. If they find your posts interesting, they’ll share it. And if they share it, you get seen by more people.
So, first tip: Consider quality, not quantity in your posts. Really think about what your audience would find interesting and useful, regardless of whether its coming from your brand.

As well as creating valuable content, here are some other points to consider:


If its relevant, start a group that your customers will find interesting and VALUABLE

Facebook groups are considered as community building tools, so if you demonstrate value to your community with an interesting group, you’re on to a winner.

Consider doing more Facebook live video instead of posting

It’s easier for people to engage with and share. It let’s people see you, not just what you sell – if you make a mistake, just roll with it! The more authentic your content, the more likely it is to do well. It’s about keeping social media social.

Finally, you’re probably wondering whether you should still be using Facebook ads

And the answer is ‘yes’ – you can still do this. However, you should expect the price of advertising to go up, because a lot of businesses will be buying up space in an effort to counter the changes we’ve just mentioned above.
So if you’re considering buying some ad space, make sure you know why and what you’re trying to achieve with it. Think carefully about the content and design and make sure its forming part of a measurable sales funnel.
We’d urge you to start thinking about your content and strategy now. Work with Facebook and not against it and you should find the whole switch over much easier.
We think this is a good change, as it is forcing companies to engage with and really look at what their customers want to see. This change is really exciting and we’re interested to see the way in which it changes the conversations businesses have with their customers and vice versa. We hope you feel the same!
If you’d like some more advice or help with creating valuable content, get in touch to organise a free, no obligation consultation with us.

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