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Run A Service-based Business? Get More Enquiries And Leads By Doing These Things

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This week, we’re going to be looking at some key points that you could focus on to get more, better quality leads if you run a service-based business.
Service-based businesses generally have the advantage of solving particular problems that require a certain set of skills and experience. This means it’s much easier for you to establish your customer pain points and determine the immediate value you bring to their lives.
A lot of the time, face to face contact is a must, making it easier to keep an eye on your local competition. Your customers are limited, to a certain extent, to what’s on offer to them.
So, you know why they’d be interested and you know who you’re up against. Now, how do you get your potential customers to call you instead of your competitor?

Here are some tips that can help:

– If you don’t have one, think of a USP and start talking about it on your website and other marketing materials. Retail shops and product-based businesses can differentiate themselves by tailoring their products to appeal to specific audiences.
Service-based businesses can do this as well, but often have problems because they get ‘typecast’ for lack of a better word. They all offer (very much) the same solutions. Therefore, pricing often becomes the main differentiator for potential clients.
If you’ve got something that makes you stand out, demonstrates value and justifies a higher price point, shout about it.
– As a service provider, the process your client goes through before picking you is going to take longer than that of a typical product-based business.
Whereas it may take someone a day or two to think about buying some clothes online, it may take them weeks (or even months) to decide what lawyer or architect to use. The trick here is to create and strategically place and send content that keeps them interested and moving towards choosing you.
A few examples of how this can be done are through email automation, retargeting and blogs. Consider how all your different marketing channels can work together to help move your prospect forward.
– Make it as easy as possible for your potential clients to ask you questions and talk to you or an employee.
If you can put to rest any concerns they have quickly, you’re taking advantage of the positive mind set they are in when they contact. Plus, you’re demonstrating your excellent service standards right from the word go. Likewise, if you know there are certain concerns most of your potential clients have, consider adding an ‘FAQ’ section to your site so their minds are at ease before they contact.
If you found the above information useful and think you’d like to explore these and other aspects that could help you get more leads, book a free initial consultation with us by clicking here. We’d love to help you work out a plan.

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