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Want To Open A Social Account For Your Business? Consider These Three Points

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Whilst we wouldn’t recommend binning your company website in exchange for a Facebook page, the evidence is there that consumers are increasingly buying from and engaging with companies on social platforms. This obviously opens up lots of opportunities for small business owners.
However, think carefully about whether social media is really the best place to be selling your services or products. What value does it add for your customers? Does it enhance or diminish your brand?
If you’ve decided that social media is the right place for your business to be selling, consider these three points before you begin:

1. Think of your social account as opening a new branch of your business.

You will need a plan, a budget, a way to measure performance and a manager who knows what they are doing.

2. Social media is not free.

Creating successful, social accounts that will actually add value to your business take a lot of time and experience to get right – and time and experience cost money. Successful social accounts require constant, relevant updates; otherwise they become a hindrance, rather than a tool that can be used to increase your sales.

3. Research, plan, measure.

Just as people and businesses are different, so too are social media channels. And choosing which channel to use in business will be down to how well you know your customers, what they want from you and what results you would like to achieve. Spend some time doing the relevant research – after all, you wouldn’t decide to spend lots of money on a print campaign without knowing why, would you?
In our experience, the most effective approach is to choose one or two channels that you are positive suit your target audience and business goals. Then, focus on creating plans that are integrated with the rest of your marketing materials and goals.
One of the main benefits of using social media (or any online advertising) is of course the ability to measure results more accurately. It’s much easier to know what marketing activity produced results. We recommend doing a review after each paid campaign to see how it compared to previous posts or marketing you are doing elsewhere.
If you would like some advice on setting up a social account or think you could benefit from getting us to help you plan your strategy, get in touch to arrange a free consultation.

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