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‘Having someone to talk to outside of the business who understands me has been incredible. Collaboration helped me put processes in place that have led to a more confident team and an increase in sales. Now, when I think of ‘hiring’, it is no longer scary, but a manageable process.’

Brydon Smallbone , Owner, 47Frocks, Wanaka

Central Wholesale and the Central Store

‘Thanks Jan and the team. A fantastic experience getting our business rebranded and all our marketing sorted!’

Shane Mackenzie , GM, Central Wholesale and the Central Store, Wanaka

Ruby Six

'Jan and her team have played an integral part in the startup of Ruby Six design and gift store. Their understanding of small business, their positive enthusiasm and their support and guidance have been invaluable.'

Jenni Dobbie , Owner, Ruby Six, Amberley

Sorted Accountants

‘Sorted Accountants has been successfully running for over a decade, but needed a change in order to grow. Collaboration’s team reviewed our business stats and provided valuable insights that identified key growth areas. This helped us improve our service offering and target our marketing in the right areas.’

Matthew Davidson , MD, Sorted Accountants, Wanaka

Alpine Fencing

‘After buying an existing business in Wanaka, we approached Collaboration to help us reposition it and get the right message out to our ideal customers. The team’s knowledge and professionalism helped make sure the project was completed successfully, on time and in budget.’

Tony Lynch , MD, Alpine Fencing, Wanaka

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