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What Makes A Good Website?

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In short – it’s a website that’s getting you leads and sales. A website that isn’t getting you that is simply not doing its job.
If you feel like your website might not be pulling its weight, you’ll first have to ask yourself ‘what’s the point of my website?’ What do I want people to do when they are there?’  Usually, the answers to these questions are something like ‘make an enquiry’ or ‘buy something’. Now, keeping those answers in mind, look at your navigation, the pages and their content and ask yourself if all of them are working together well to make that thing happen?
Good copy that draws people in and leads them to the conclusion you want is really important. If you know your customers well, you’ll know what the main reason is for people coming to your site, so put that information front and centre and make it easy to access.
Make sure customer benefits are constantly highlighted. If you know your prospects have some particular worries that would stop them from getting in touch, answer those questions before they contact you. Make it as easy as possible for people to contact you so they aren’t put off by having to jump through lots of hoops to get to the end result.
If your website’s been running for a while and you’ve got enough data on it to start seeing reliable patterns and behaviours, it would be hugely beneficial for you to have a look at this as well.
If you’ve been doing any online marketing, you should be able to see what’s worked and what hasn’t. Which pages people are entering your site at and which pages people are leaving at. What’s the general route they take before they make contact with you? Plus, you’ll find loads more valuable information that’ll enable you to optimise your site to get more enquiries and sales.
This April, Collaboration is offering you the chance to get a half price web report (for only $285+gst) that’ll give you valuable information on your web traffic, site content and navigation, so you can optimise your site.
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